About Us

Our philosophy is simple. We live to provide you with the finest green tea in Australia.

We do this by adhering to a ‘less is more’ approach, working in harmony with the environment and using biological farming methods. We specialise in producing handcrafted Japanese style green teas for tea drinkers who want to taste a tea with a difference.

We have taken the finest green tea plants from Japan and nurtured them from small cuttings to the established tea plantation that we have today. We have been growing exclusively for the

Japanese tea market

for more than ten years.We’d now like to share our tea with you.

Two Rivers Green Tea is grown on our family farm in the Acheron Valley on the Goulburn River. Yes, grown and produced in Australia so you can be assured of its freshness and quality.

It’d be easy to think that all green teas are the same but that wouldn’t be quite right. Like any great recipe the final result comes down to the ingredients and the passion put into its making.

Two Rivers Green Tea – for people who appreciate quality.